Nutritionally balanced food to help you Live Well

We have shaken things up (and not with a salt shaker!) by reigniting Live Well with nutrient and food-based principles. Food ranges will be specifically developed by our nutritionist and chef team allowing you to be reassured that a Live Well choice, is a nutritionally balanced, healthier choice that’s easy to choose at Sky.

So what will a Live Well food look like?

You will continue to find familiar favourites, such as soups and house salads that meet the criteria whilst also being greeted by new foods. Starting with the launch of our seasonal Grab & Go range from 8th January, rolling out nationally across the month.

All Live Well foods will fall within government recommendations for sugar, total and saturated fat and salt. They will also be based on the following:

-          Contain fruit and/or vegetables

-          Be based on wholegrain varieties of starchy carbohydrate

-          Use lower, fat-free or plant-alternative dairy

-          Include fats high in unsaturated fatty acids

-          Minimal added and/or no refined sugars

-          Use herbs and spices to reduce the need for salt 


Look out for our logo and below symbols:


For more information on the food we offer

contact our nutritionist, Annabel